What more could a tired body seek other than taking a dip in the cool, and inviting water of a swimming pool? Not just does your body get rejuvenated but your mind and senses too get revitalized. As a pool owner, you well understand the significance of maintaining a clean and sanitized pool. Consequently, it becomes your utmost responsibility to ensure its regular upkeep and maintenance.

Pool filters are unconvincingly the most important aspect of pool upkeep and maintenance. They act as the first line of defence against all sorts of contaminants from minuscule of particles to the largest of debris. Generally three main type of pool filters are available in the market including sand, cartridge and D.E filters. All three filters are known to offer optimum level of performance. Users can select one as per their requirement of level of pool water clarity and hygiene.


These days, many manufacturers are offering pool filters along with other products and accessories. As a pool owner, it is your utmost responsibility to install superior quality pool filters from leading brands. Pentair pool filters are designed to offer great pool performance making the job of pool maintenance all the more effective and easy for pool owners.

Available in three different types, these filters are simple to use and are also very durable. However, these pool filters require to be cleaned up on a regular basis so as to ensure their long life. The frequency of cleaning will depend upon frequency of pool usage. Pentair pool filters are usually a bit on the expensive side. However, the money spent is worth as health as well as safety is assured. Besides this, the cost of maintenance of these amazing pool filters is negligible making them all the more preferable.

With Pentair pool filters installed one can relax and spend more time in the pool as the hassle of manually removing dirt and debris is completely eliminated. At Pool Filters, we offer wide assortment of pool filters and other pool maintenance accessories to choose from. We offer products from reliable and reputed brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta-rite and more that offer warranty on all their products, which in itself is a confirmation of their durability.