Nothing is more important than a high quality filtration system for your spa or pool in order to maintain the water quality. A dirty, clogged and worn-out spa filter will show decline in its level of performance to trap dirt and contaminants. Since, old filters put strain on your spa's pump and other equipment’s, lot of energy is wasted that further results in reduced water circulation.

Spa Filter Replacement CartridgeIn a usual spa or hot tub, the perpetrator that plugs the filter cartridge media is the body oils combined with soaps, chemicals used by the bather. It is therefore necessary to establish a routine cartridge cleaning schedule based on the amount of spa usage. However, replacement is necessary annually to protect your warranty while reducing unnecessary service calls. You can use a compatible or a spa filter replacement cartridge when your old filter gets worn-out. These compatible filters offer great performance in terms of spa water filtration while being available at highly discounted prices.

In fact, these replacement filters meet OEM specifications and use genuine Reemay spun bound polyester media in their filtering element. To purchase the right spa filter replacement cartridge for your hot tub spa can be difficult and frustrating. This could be simplified to a great extent if you know your equipment brand as well as product and serial identification number present on the bottom of the filter.

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