In order to ensure a healthy, hygienic and enjoyable swimming experience, it is very important to keep your pool water in top condition for the swimming season. There are different type of filters available in the market which include sand and D.E filters. However, cartridge pool filters have emerged as the most preferred choice of pool owners.

This type of filter uses numerous pleats of filter paper in order to trap debris and particulates from the water. Since, the pool filter system wraps a larger area compared to traditional filters; it takes longer time to clog up with dirt. In other words, this type of filters offer low maintenance and are much convenient to use.

Baseline pressure is very important aspect of pool filtration process. So, when the pool filters pressure rises up to 10 PSI over the baseline pressure, its time to clean your pool filter.  Cleaning a cartridge filter is a fairly uncomplicated process and requires rinsing with water by making use of a garden hose. For contaminants that couldn’t be rinsed off with water, these filters need to be dipped in a filter cleansing solution in order to remove them.

Maintenance of your pool is necessary for sanitizing your pool. This will ensure peak performance from your filtering system which will allow you to have crystal clear pool water.

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