There is nothing to deny the fact that water clarity is a top priority in spa maintenance. However, fixating on the same and neglecting all the other concerns is a big mistake. Cleanliness of water is taken care of by filters – one needs to clean them on a regular basis and replace them when necessary, in order to keep-up the filtration efficiency. Similarly, spa pump is responsible for water circulation and there are other parts each of which serves a specific purpose and thus needs appropriate care and attention.

Insect in the spa water

While taking care of your spa is necessary, it is also important to maintain hygiene around it. Insects such as yellow jackets, wasps and hornets are known to build nests near a water source. Such insects can create a problem for those who own pools or spas. Indoor spas particularly offer a suitable environment for these insects to breed. Installing high-quality products such as Vita spa filters can definitely help you deal with the contaminants in spa water, but you need a different approach to prevent insects from breeding in or around your spa. Furthermore, these insects get more aggressive with the onset of fall and thus can ruin your spa experience if neglected.

Mentioned below are some steps to keep insects away from your spa:

Use a Barrier:

floating blankets
Spa, being a water source, attracts insects which can not only spoil the quality of water in it but also spread diseases. A smart way to stop these insects from entering your spa is to place a barrier on it. You can use floating blankets for this purpose. These blankets not only keep insects away from your spa but also eliminate evaporation which causes water loss. Like a cartridge filter, these blankets too need to be replaced on a timely basis.

Use Specific Odors:


Adding certain odors such as mint or eucalyptus to your spa can help you keep wasps away.

Recommended Product:

Unicel C 4303

Unicel C-4303 is a first-grade replacement filter cartridge that ensures cleanliness and clarity in spa water. Complying with technical specifications Filbur # FC-0185, Pleatco # PSANT 20 and OEM #PVT25, this cartridge proves to be suitable for Vita Spas, Softsider Spas and DM Ind, and can handle a top load of 15 square foot. 4 5/8 inches wide and 6 3/4 inches long, this cartridge features a 1 9/10 inch open hole at the bottom and a molded cone handle at the top.