While being a pool owner, it becomes your utmost duty to keep the pool sanitized and clean all the time for the purpose to offer swimmers clean and safe swimming experience. A hygienic environment tempts people of every category in this scorching and biting heat of the summers. However, do you ever wish to swim in an unkempt and contaminated pool? No, never! That would be your answer ofcourse. A pool breeded with germs and infections can bear a risk factor and is not at all safe for your wellbeing. For the purpose to maintain the sanitation of the swimming pool, it is mandatory to install high quality pool equipments like pool filters that have gained huge recognition in today's world.

Filters for your swimming pool acts as the first defender when it comes to trap dirt, debris and other harmful components. They are designed to accumulate thousands of minute components as the water flows through them. Over and over, the collected substances makes it harder for the water to easily pass through. A purifier that is dirty could decease the pump efficiency and ofcourse the circulation as high as 80%. The low circulation and poor efficiency captures less contaminants, making the water more and more dirty.


Depending upon the usage of water and size of the purifier, it is essential to clean them once every week. Here in this write up let us go through some simple steps to maintain the performance of the pool purifier.

Examine the pressure of the filter upon the cartridge housing. If you find that the pressure is up high the normal operation, its the right time to clean the unit for its proper functioning.
-Switch off the pump either through manual pump switch or by the control system.
-Unfasten the pressure relief valve lying on the very top.
-Uncover the housing lid of the cartridge of the filter.
-Remove each of the filters right away from the pool shed and bring them to the garden for cleaning.
-Wash the pool purifiers properly.
-Next, re-attach each of the equipments and turn on the pump.

So, know the cleaning procedure and ensure a healthy pool to dive in.