For many of us hot tubs are a great source of fun and relaxation. But how many of us are aware of the numerous benefits that hot tubs offer when you soak your body in the warm, swirling water of a hot tub. In fact, spending a few minutes in your hot tub spa everyday can de-stress your body and revitalise your mind and senses.

Everyday hot tubs are designed to provide you with a great spa experience. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, each spa model features advanced hydrotherapy coupled with powerful performance. Whether you wish to get all the features installed or want to include some particular features you desire, everyday hot tub offers you plethora of options to fit your ridge spa filters

Offering standard features such as insulation, high-end filtration system, efficient equipment, hydrotherapy, jet fittings, headrests, water falls and many more, these hot tubs are the perfect choice to suit your lifestyle. However, to ensure that you enjoy years of fun from your everyday hot tub, you need to ensure its proper upkeep and maintenance.

Your hot tub maintenance regime includes replacing the water every 30-90 days depending upon frequency of usage. Besides this regular maintenance of spa parts and accessories such as filters, plumbing parts should be ensured. Your Everyday hot tub filter is susceptible to get worn out after a certain period of time. A worn out filter puts undue pressure on the pump as well as other parts, which if breakdown would require to be replaced making it an expensive option.

Proper maintenance of your hot tub filter cartridge is simple and require hosing off with a garden hose or soaking it overnight in a filter cleaning solution. This should be followed by rinsing thoroughly with water and dried thoroughly before being reinstalled in the filter housing.

At Pool Filters, we offer wide range of pool and spa maintenance accessories for pool and spa of different makes and models. We stock products from leading brands which in itself is a confirmation of their quality and durability. Excellent customer service coupled with affordable pricing makes pool filters a preferred hub of pool owners.