Spending time in a luxurious spa is a fabulous way to unwind and indulge in sheer pleasure. However, the pleasure of immersing in spa and pool water can soon turn into a pain if proper attention is not paid to cleaning and replacing the filters of the spa. Clogged filters need to be replaced and purified from time to time to block all the contaminants. Regular maintenance of swimming pool and spas is an absolute necessity to ensure proper hygiene for the users of the pool. Washing the filters at regular intervals and replacing them is also essential to maintain good condition of your spa and pool.

Without making efforts at spa water purification, the pool will get infected with micro organisms that can produce infections and serious illnesses amongst bathers, including the fatal disease - amoebic meningitis. Filtration of the pool water on regular intervals will help in removing all the dust particles and other suspended material from water. Getting the right spa and swimming pool replacement filter from the most trusted quality manufacturer is essential to ensure that the swimming pool water purification is carried out in a smooth manner. Following are some of the essential Bullfrog Spas Replacement Filters that you can consider for your pool maintenance:


Unicel C 4335 – Go for these Bullfrog Spa Replacement Filters if you are looking for a clear water solution product with technical specifications similar to replace Unicel # C-4335, Pleatco # PRB35-IN, Filbur # FC-2385 and has OEM # 03FIL1300 as other specifications. It comes with 2 1/8 inch open holes at both the top as well as the bottom. Expect this high-performance replacement filter cartridge to provide you top load capacity of 35 sq. ft. The 9 1/4 inch long and 4 15/16 inch wide filter cartridge ensures that spas and pools are kept free from worm, germs, sand and dust particles to make them fit for swimmers.

Unicel C 4950 – You need not have to worry about getting infected with dangerous diseases once you choose this high performance Bullfrog Spa replacement filter. It features the same technical specifications as Unicel # C-4950, Pleatco # PRB-50-IN, Filbur # FC-2390 and OEM # C4950. This superior quality-made filtering equipment is best suited for cleaning different kinds of spas.

Unicel 8CH 950 – Trust this great quality Bullfrog Spa replacement filter to provide you with clear water solution for your swimming pool and spa. It is 6-inch long and 8-inch wide filter cartridge, designed to bear the top load of 120 square foot. It has semi circular handle on top and 2-inch open hole at the bottom. This product is highly effective in removing dust, sand, worms and in providing complete protection to swimmers.

Use of the above clear spa water and pool purifying BullFrog Spa Replacement Filters will ensure that the quality of water does not deteriorate and stays fresh and clean throughout. Take the most important steps in preserving the spa and pool water cleanliness by selecting the right filtering product suited to match your water purification needs. Enjoy high standards of hygiene and cleanliness par excellence when you opt for high-performance spa filters mentioned above.