Before taking a dip into the spa, spa users must ensure that the water of the spa water is  clean, clear and safe. Sundance Microclean cartridges increase the efficiency of spa filtration system and keep the water clean at all times.

Sundance Microclean Cartridges
If you own a spa, you should know how crucial it is to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of water in it. Dirty water in a spa not only ruins its look, but also poses the risk of diseases and infections for those who are using the spa.  Your spa is not just a small pool in your house; it is one of the best luxuries you have. Besides enjoying regular dips in your spa, you should also take the necessary steps for maintaining it.

A filter is an important part of a spa as it is responsible for keeping spa water clean and clear. For efficient spa filtration, you need to follow these guidelines:

Choose a Suitable Filtration System
The spa filtration system you choose determines the quality of water in your spa. Always go for spa filters from reputed brands. Here, you need to consider the filter type as well. Compared to sand and DE filters, cartridge filters are easier to install and operate. Another major advantage of using cartridge filters is that they do not require back washing as often as the other two types of filters.

Clean Your Spa Filter and Its Cartridge
Your spa filter and cartridges need to be rinsed thoroughly at least once in two weeks. You can use a garden hose for this purpose. Make sure the water pressure is not too high while rinsing the cartridge. If the pressure is too high, dirt particles will get embedded further into the cartridge. Clean both the filter and the cartridge with a filter-cleaning solution once in every three months.

Replace Your Filter Cartridge
Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, your spa filter cannot perform at its best with an old cartridge. It is thus better to replace the cartridge once in every 12 months. This ensures consistency in the operation of your spa filter. Also, a damaged filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Make sure you choose high-quality replacement parts such as Sundance Microclean cartridges.

Recommended Product
Recommended by many spa owners, Unicel AK-6473164 is a first-class replacement cartridge for spa filters. 5 11/16 inch wide and 18 ¾ inch long, this cartridge is widely used with Sundance spas filters. Complying with technical specifications of OEM # 6473-164, this cartridge keeps the spa water free from impurities. Furthermore, it has 2 3/4 inch open holes at the top and bottom respectively.