Filter cartridges are found to cover a greater surface area than sand. Moreover, they are built of a fine material and use technology that makes clogging of impurities easier and efficient. The filter can run at low pressure and hence it provides lesser backpressure on pumps. This accessory has relieved people from all concerns of pool keeping. Debris is trapped on the surface of the cartridge element that are later on removed by washing with water.

Particles of the size 5 to 10 microns can be trapped on the surface of filter element as the pores of the cartridges are very minute and can clog in debris and all other form of impurity particles. This filtering element is found to be perfect when it comes to keeping swimming pools safe and clean. It is not confronted with limitations like backwashing. Infect, its surface can be used and reused for trapping contaminants of all kind. The dirt element trapped varies from micro-organisms, algae, minerals and other similar particles that normally remain invisible to eyes. It is good idea to use Cartridge filters of brands like Jandy, Unicel Filters and Intex Filters.

The cartridge filters are set apart from DE filters and Sand filters where backwashing is mandatory. This new filter is made very much efficient when it comes to removing dirt particles from water surface and for keeping pools tidy. It piles dirt randomly and as the heap starts to grow, it can be washed off easily by flushing with water from a garden hose. The filter can be removed and reinstalled in pool sockets very easily. It relieves people from experiencing hectic sessions of backwashing and pool cleaning.