Cartridge filters are high quality filters that have successfully overcome the drawbacks of traditional filters. In fact, they have become the filter of choice for many spas, and smaller above ground pools. These filters make use of a cartridge as a filtering element, which indeed is made up of polyester material with numerous pleats. These filters are capable of trapping dirt and particles of size as small as 10-20 microns.

These filters are designed to function at low pressure and are the most economical and low maintenance swimming pool filter available in the market. Since, these filters run at low pressure, they do not clog up quickly, relieving the users from the hassle of cleaning it up very frequently. Moreover, there is no hassle of backwashing or refilling as in sand and D.E filters respectively.

These filters can work constantly in order to keep your pool water clean and hygienic. Initially, the pool filter traps larger particles which are then followed by the finer ones which get filtered without getting caught. We at offer an entire range of cartridge filters of leading brands like Haywards, Pentair, Unicel and others. Besides cartridge filters we also offer all sorts of pool products and accessories for pool maintenance.

Cartridge filters offered by us could be used in spas, above ground and in ground pool of all sizes. In fact, filters offered by us have successfully overcome the drawbacks of traditional filters since they are technologically more advanced. We offer guarantees on all our products which indeed is an assurance of their durability.

Besides ensuring great performance, we offer exclusive discounts on all the filters and pool accessories, which make the entire process very exciting. Feel free to get in touch with us Pool Filters for any further queries and information.