Whether you get an above-ground or an in-ground pool installed, maintenance is inevitable. If you wish to provide your friends and family hours of unlimited fun and enjoyment then it is essential to ensure regular pool maintenance. While manual pool cleaning is cumbersome and testing, nothing would be better than installing superior quality pool filter cartridges along with other essential pool maintenance supplies and parts.

Doughboy cartridgesDoughboy filter cartridges and other pool maintenance accessories offer great pool performance. Products of this brand are durable and are designed using advanced technology. The Doughboy pool filter cartridge feature sharp pleats, premium core and superior filtering media made of polyester. This ensures better pool water filtration besides optimal flow of water along with easy cartridge cleaning.

As compared to yesteryears when pool filters were heavy and clumsy, Doughboy filters are light-weighted and portable. These filters can ably filter out minuscule of particles that are usually invisible to the naked eyes. The filters have anti-microbial protection that doesn’t allow the growth of micro-organisms. This property also prevents bad odour and blockage of your filtering element.

Over the years this brand has survived competition posed by many different brands. All the pool supplies and parts of this brand are created in their own manufacturing plant, which ensures their credibility as one of the best manufacturers of pool products and accessories. Besides this the company also provides 100% lifetime warranty for their liner seams.

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