Dont Let Power Troubles Ruin Your Everyday Hot Tubs

The hot tub craze is no longer a new topic to discuss about. In fact, many people today find their routine incomplete without a dip in their hot tub. Contrary to popular belief, a hot tub has a lot to offer besides luxury – it provides relief from body pain, stress and depression. Furthermore, it also regulates blood circulation and improves sleep. Consequently, hot tubs have now made it to the list of necessaries for a house. There is however, some work that needs to be done before you can start enjoying this luxury.

Anyone planning to buy a hot tub has to start by choosing an appropriate brand of hot tubs. With too many options each of which is beneficial in a different way, it becomes hard for a buyer to pick one. A large number of people however are more than satisfied with Everyday hot tubs. Having a multitude of amazing features these hot tubs today are one among the favorites of spa enthusiasts. From installation to maintenance, each and every task pertaining to these hot tubs is pretty simple – this takes a big load off a user's mind.

A prominent one and the best characteristic of Everyday spas is the ease of spa filter cartridge replacement. One can easily remove the cartridge from the filtration unit and replace it. Besides maintaining the efficiency of water filtration, another task for a hot tub owner is to keep it immune from power troubles that can hamper its functionality.

Mentioned below are some sure-fire ways to save power while using Everyday hot tubs:

  • It is necessary to protect your hot tub from wind in order to avoid loss of heat. For this purpose, small plants or walls can be installed around the hot tub.
  • Make sure that the knobs of your hot tub are closed while it is not in use, otherwise the jets will suck in air thus cooling the water. As a result, you will have to run the heater for a longer time.

Recommended Product:

Suitable for 34 sq ft Marquis Spas as well as Everyday hot tubs, Unicel C-5423 which is a topnotch replacement cartridge, allows hot tub water to be filtered efficiently. Its technical specifications include Filbur# FC-3623, OEM# 20045 and Pleatco# PPM35TC. 11 15/16 inches long and 5 3/16 inches wide, this cartridge has a closed top, and its bottom has a 1 5/8 inch hole.