Don’t Let a Dirty Pool Compromise Your Family’s Health

The wait is over; pool season has finally arrived! But before you let your loved ones jump into the pool and soak up some sun; make sure that the water is healthy and safe for them to take a dip in. All pools, chlorine or otherwise, need pumps and filters to make sure the number of contaminants don’t over multiply and create unhealthy water.

Depending on the size and your needs, there are a variety of filters that you can use for a pool. So how do you choose the right filter for your pool? One way to do it is to hire a professional to figure this out for you. But if you are someone who likes to do things on your own, or you don’t want to incur the expense, you can do a few simple calculations and figure out your pools’ turnover rate and choose a filter accordingly.

Once you have the needed information, you can move on to deciding what type of filter you need. You could choose from any of the three types of filters– Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Sand, or Cartridge filters. It is essentially the right combination of filter system and maintenance that keeps the pool water healthy.

Why is a Pool Filter Essential?

A fun day lounging poolside might be a highlight of your summer, but the health and safety of your loved ones is very important. Unlike some natural water bodies, pool water is still, which means that it is easy breeding grounds for all sorts of contaminants. Constant motion and filtration of the water is required to keep this problem in check.

This is where the filter system comes in. Somewhat like the human heart, the filter system pumps the water through, cleans the contaminated water and releases it back into the pool, keeping it healthy and ready to use.

Which of the Options is Best for my Pool?

Though all of the three filter options do an excellent job of keeping the water healthy, each of the options has its own pros and cons. Your final choice should depend on the specifications of your pool, as each of them functions differently.

Considering all of this, cartridge filters systems appear to be the front runner in the market.

    • Cartridge filter systems are easy to maintain and do not require backwashing, making them a popular choice. Cartridge filters systems are “closed loop”, meaning they pump water from, filter and cycle water back into the pool through the same source. The “closed loop” system means they lose less water and chemicals.
    • Cartridge filter systems use a lower pump pressure, meaning the operational cost of a cartridge filter is noticeably lower, saving you money!
    • The inner workings of a pool filter cartridges are simple. Water is pumped through an extremely fine filter surface and this allows capturing of impurities present in the water. The cartridge holds the impurities within the fabric, or media, until the filter cartridge is cleaned or replaced.
    • The cartridge media is the most important part of the whole filter system. Usually made of pleated durable paper or fabric, it is contained within plastic caps at the top and bottom and may have holes, a handle, or twist in. This basic component of the filter cartridge is what the whole filtration system is depending on to clean out the impurities in the water.
    • Another major advantage that filter cartridges have is that their surface area is larger than that of sand filters due to the pleats of the cartridge. This means fewer clogs, superior flow and hence easier maintenance.


So how do you extend the life of a pool filter cartridge, the most essential part of the whole system? While it is easy to maintain, a filter cartridge also requires basic cleaning every month or so, depending on how often you use your pool, the location (are there a lot of trees or other vegetation that gets in the pool), and the season.

    • Rinsing the pleats out with a hose usually does the trick.
    • Soaking the cartridge in a cartridge safe detergent is another great method. It is advisable to have two cartridges on hand at all times. Cartridges are most effective when they are completely dry before installation. Having two cartridges on hand means you always have a clean, dry cartridge available at all times. This saves you time.
    • If you are noticing that your pool water isn’t looking sparkling clean, and you have been using the same cartridges for a long time, it is probably time for a brand new replacement filter cartridge.

When selecting the right cartridge replacement, it is best to stick with a name-brand that goes with your filter. The Baleen filters for example, stands out among its competition.

Made from some of the most durable material and recognized for its power and durability these Baleen filter cartridge replacements are known to last several years of regular cleaning and maintenance.
With a brand name like Baleen to back it up, you are sure to enjoy some quality swimming with this product.

So this summer, make a smart choice, and pick a suitable filter for your pool and ensure that you and your family can make a great splash without worrying about dirty pool water.