Read on to find out which filter suits your needs the best!

replacement filter cartridgesIf you have a private pool in your backyard or maybe a hot tub or you might be the owner of a public Pool filters products, in all these cases, maintenance of hygiene and sanitation standards is very crucial. You definitely do not want any of the others to get sick because of the debris or the dirt in the water. Thus, installing an appropriate filtration pump and the right kind of filter is essential. Well, as such, any time of filter (Sand, Cartridge or DE) will clean the water and make it "good for usage" but the price varies, efficiency levels vary and the cleanliness levels also vary.

>> DE filter is one of the most modern and efficient filters of today. It is usually on the higher price range but very efficient and will give you sparkling water - thus, used mainly by spa owners and high end pool owners. Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossiled diatoms and these organisms form the 'filter layer" via which the water passes. They have the capacity to weed out particles as small as 5 microns! They are medium sized filters (around 70 sq feet) .
>> Sand Filter is a very common type of filter used by many owners. This utilizes the traditional method of filtration of water, via sand! The filter has a layer of sand from which the swimming pool water passes and the layer filter out or weeds out the debris and the dirt. Owners definitely need to clean the filter every few weeks so that the stuck debris can be thrown out but the beauty of this filter is that it can last for a very long time.
>> Another common filter is the Cartridge filter. It is one of the most economical and widely used water filters. There is a cartridge filter through which the water passes and gets filtered out. Sand filters are smaller in size as compared to cartridges and thus cartridge filter has a wider range to filter. They do not clog up easily and are not very pricey! It is also easy to clean the cartridges or just replace them!