A swimming pool in the backyard of your house could be a matter of pride for you. However, ensuring that your pool remains sparkling clean all through the season is indeed a daunting task. No matter, whatsoever chemicals you might have used to maintain the pH balance of water, your pool water isn’t as crystal clear as you expect it be. In order to ensure crystal clear water in your pool, a cartridge pool filter is mandatory for maintaining proper water balance and quality.

Your pool is susceptible to get contaminated from various seen and unseen impurities. Cartridge pool filters are designed in a way to eliminate the pollutants that pollute your pool. These filters besides trapping the visible elements, easily filter out those elements which cannot be viewed by the naked eye such as bacteria, algae, or any other micro-organism.

The filter cartridge not just captures all the seen and unseen elements that make your pool water dirty but also makes the water sanitized and hygienic for swimmers to have a better swimming experience. The filter housing has a cartridge filtering element which is made up of numerous pleats of polyester, which traps dirt and impurities when water passes through it.

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