While cartridge pool filters have become the choicest option of pool owners, other filters like sand and D.E filters also offer optimum level of performance.

filter grid

At Pool Filters we sell only the finest quality replacement DE pool filter grids using the best components available. The frames of the pool filter DE grids are made with a superior quality material to safeguard strength and stability and designed to promote efficient flow of water.

Moreover, the fabric used to shelter the pool grid filter skeleton is a quality virgin material that allows for optimal water flow while being woven in a way that besides maintaining the highest strength enhances the life of the pool grid filter.

Pool filter replacement grids ensure that the work is done effectively. However, selecting the right grid for the filter can be quite puzzling as they are of many types. In order to locate the right grid involves scrutinizing the specifications and other dimensions twice. While replacements are available for DE grids and cartridges, finding the right replacement grid is daunting as they are available in many sizes, brands and types of filters.

DE Filters are an effective and natural way of filtering swimming pool water. The filter grids act as the filter medium and they are the basis of the DE filter. DE filters grids are coated with DE powder. These grids can be kept clean by backwashing or by disassembling the grids. The average filter grid needs replacement every 4 - 5 years as compared to cartridge filters which require replacement every 2-3 years.

Moreover, D.E Grids are reasonably priced as compared to cartridge filtering element. So, if you are looking for replacement D.E grids then you can avail some great deals at pool filters. Browse through our site pool filters products to know more about our product and services.