Cut the Energy Consumption in Spas

If the entire spa information was written like a novel, the benefits of using it would probably be the preface that everyone has read already. It is high time that spa owners turned the page and focused more on the smart and exciting ways of using a hot tub rather than getting stuck with the advantages. Needless to say, a spa, indoor or outdoor, is not merely another bathtub. It is, in fact, a significantly advanced version of the same. The advancement includes a plethora of features that not only enable users to have a refreshing dip but also allow them to have the desired experience with some minor adjustments.

Along with the multiple benefits a luxury offers, there are certain responsibilities regarding the same. Spas are not any different – unless you want the fun of taking dips in that amazing tub to end too soon, you will have care for it. While “spa care” is just a small phrase, the actual meaning is quite elaborate. The first and the most crucial step is to ensure proper water filtration. Make it a point to choose high-quality filters for your spa. Freeflow spa filter is an ideal choice if you are wondering which brand to choose. These filters have been crafted skillfully so that they can effectively clean your spa water.

Regardless of whether you are using a sand filter, DE filter or cartridge filter, you need to follow a proper cleaning routine, especially for the filtering media. While doing all what we can to maintain the clarity of spa water, we often neglect the amount of energy consumed while using the spa.

Following measures will help you minimize this energy consumption:

  • Insulate the plumbing of your spa so that the heat does not escape. As a result, you won't have to use the spa heater too often.
  • Use LED lighting as it consumes less electricity.
  • Consult a spa service engineer and have an energy-efficient spa pump installed.
  • Cover your spa when it is not in use. Know, how to choose the best cover for spas?

Recommended Product:

Unicel 4CH-22

A good spa requires efficient water filtration and Unicel 4CH 22 ensures the same by trapping dust particles and other debris in spa water. 4 15/16" wide and 6 5/8" long, this cartridge features technical specifications Pleatco # PFF25P4, Filbur# FC-2399 and OEM # FF-150. It has a 2 1/8 inch open hole on the top, and is compatible with 25 square feet TLX as well as RLX Freeflow spa filters.