If you are looking for the right kind of filter cartridge for your swimming pool then you have to make good amount of research regarding the most appropriate filter for your pool. At pool filters we offer plethora of cartridge pool filters that could accommodate spa and swimming pools of different sizes and dimensions.

Cartridge filters have caught the attention of the pool users as besides offering peak performance they have the most hassle free maintenance. These filters can filter out impurities as small as 5 to 10 microns in size. Such filters have cartridges which act as filtering element. The pool water moves across filtration media and traps contaminants such as algae, microbes and other impurities, allowing the purified water to get back to your pool.

If well maintained, swimming pool filter cartridges can last from 2-5 years. Though pool filters of different sizes are available, yet using large sized filters would place less strain on the filter cartridge so that it lasts longer till it requires replacement.

Proper maintenance of the filter includes hosing off the cartridge element thoroughly with water, on a regular basis. However, if the dirt comprises of oil and grime, the filter should be kept immersed overnight in muriatic acid solution. This would make the cartridge element completely free of dirt.

We at pool filters offer our customers cartridge filters of leading brands like Unicel, Pentair, Sta-rite etc. We also offer replacement cartridges which are manufactured to the same specifications as the originals, with a much lesser price. Users can now avoid the hassle of cleaning with these replacement cartridges around.

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