Pool maintenance is assumed to be difficult but it can be easy if pool owners know simple tricks. There are ways to simplify the herculean procedure of pool maintenance but the secret to a shimmering pool lies in lack of negligence.

Before looking for short-cuts make the following steps an inseparable part of your pool chores-

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance of Equipment

Pool Equipment

Install a quality filter and go for superior brands like Blue ridge spa filter cartridges replacement Once this has been done, maintenance of equipment can be a lot simpler especially with cartridge filters as one only needs to backwash the cartridge fortnightly. Thoroughly cleaning a cartridge means simply immersing it into non-foaming solution and scrubbing it vigorously

Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement is also necessary after a year of use and immediately if notice sudden changes in filter pressure. For complete cleaning, you can go for acid-washing that is immersing your cartridge in a solution of 20 parts of water and one part of muriatic acid.

Pool Skimmer

Skimming your pool means cleaning the visible debris and other particles with a leaf rake. Skimming and adding chlorine should be carried out regularly, at times there might be a foul smell; this smell is emitted by chlorides or “dead chlorine” and you can get rid of this by shocking your pool.Shocking your pool is an easy way to get rid of various organic impurities and chlorides and besides shocking, there are various other ways to get a shimmering pool without much effort. Flocking is another way to quickly get rid of microscopic impurities and can be carried out by simply following the steps mentioned below-

Flocking causes the impurities to settle down and from there they can be easily vacuumed out. Flocking should only be carried out when the water in pool is set to the highest level and hence this should be your primary step.

Once this has been done, you should balance the pH of your water using Sodium Carbonate and keep it neutral i.e. at pH level 7.

Add appropriate amounts of diluted alum across the perimeter of the pool. Diluted alum will act as a flocculent and will help the suspended impurities settle down by turning the water into a sticky gel.

Allow the impurities to settle and wait for an overnight and after this step impurities can be filtered out by vacuuming and ensure that you run your filter and pump for long hours after flocculation.

A great way to order quality pool products is by shopping with online pool filters suppliers;  their inception has also simplified the pool maintenance.