Most of us who have enough money to buy luxuries own a spa or a hot tub. A dip in a hot tub is certainly an excellent way to get rid of the physical and mental stress we deal with throughout the day. The care of this hot tub, however, often seems too tedious and tiresome while it's not. There's no doubt that the maintenance routine involves a significant amount work but it's not a herculean job after all.

Pool Professor

Built meticulously by professionals mostly engineers, spas and hot tubs are fundamentally a combination electrical and mechanical components working together to generate a soothing effect with water. Some of the most basic features of spas include water flow control and water heating. Having designed each and every part of a spa starting from the filtration system to the circulation and heating systems, spa professionals obviously have impeccable knowledge about what is good for a spa and what is not. So before you start any hit-and-trial games with your spa replacement parts, make it a point to call a spa service engineer.

Spa professionals can actually give great advice on caring for your spa, be it about maintaining a uniform water flow, altering the alignment of jets or changing the settings of spa heater. For instance, many of them recommend Free Flow spa filter – these filters are known to effectively clean the spa water, thus ensuring proper hygiene. Besides this, there are several other reasons for you to avail the services offered by these professionals instead of handling spa troubles on your own, such as the following:

There's No Watch-and-Learn in Spa Repairs:

“Read the stuff and do it yourself!”. This may seem to work while preparing a ready-to-eat a meal, but the story of spa repairs is way different. You can't memorize the entire text from your spa manufacturer's manual and become a master at fixing spa problems. Some technicalities of a spa can be understood by no one but professionals. So any troubles with your spa unless too simplistic can be handled better when left to these people.

You May Not Be Able to Predict Each and Every Problem:

Watching the filter pressure change abnormally and deducing that the filter cartridge needs to be replaced, is child's play for any experienced spa owner if not for the newbies. However, not every other problem can be ascertained in the same way. It is thus better to use the aid of spa service engineers whenever you can.

Recommended Product:

Unicel 4CH-23

Effective spa maintenance requires high-quality products and Unicel 4CH-23 is certainly one of those. Equipped with efficient filtering media, this cartridge traps all the impurities in spa water thus keeping it crystal clear. 4 15/16 inches wide and 6 5/8 inches long, this cartridge complies with technical specifications Filbur# FC-2400, OEM # FF-100 and Pleatco # PFF25TC-P4, and can endure a top load of about 25 sq. ft.