To ensure uninterrupted fun in your swimming pool or spa, you need to consider spa filter replacement after certain  intervals. Read on to know more.

 Spa Filter Replacement

Pool filter is considered to be an intrinsic element of your swimming pool environment.  Based on your budget, feasibility and convenience, and the extent of spa water cleanliness required by you, you can determine filtration system that requires to be installed in your spa.

Generally, there are 3 different types of filters available that include Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), cartridge, and sand filters. All of these come with certain advantages and disadvantages. No matter what type of filter you want to install, you have to ensure its regular maintenance so as to enjoy trouble-free operation for the years to come. Even though regular maintenance of filter helps you ensure better performance in terms of spa water filtration, it is mandatory for you to go for spa filter replacement over a period of time. It is bound get depleted over a period of time. If you are unable to replace the original filtering element with a replaceable element then the water quality of your spa would start degrading. With a topnotch filter replacement, you can ensure high durability of your filter apart from hassle-free spa performance.

Among all the filter options available, cartridge spa filters are highly popular among the spa owners due to several advantages that they have over their conventional counterparts. In this regard, Down East Spa Filters can be a good option for you. In fact, these filters owing to their advanced technology have overcome the drawbacks of its counterparts to become the most affordable and easy-to-maintain spa filters.

So, when we talk about filter replacement, a cartridge filtration system is surely the most convenient option for you. You just have to replace the cartridge filtering element with a new one. There is no hassle in the replacement process. However, you should note that cartridge filters are less effective than D.E filters grids but definitely better than sand filters.

Recommended Product:
Unicel 8CH-66-: If you are planning to buy a filter cartridge replacement, Unicel 8CH-66- can be a good option for you. This replacement filter is ideal for Down East Spas, Master Spas and Ft Wayne Spas, just to name a few. It comes with dimensions 8" x 9 1/4". The top and the bottom of this cartridge are featured with a 2-inch open hole.