For those who owe a backyard swimming pool, the importance of a pool filter is well understood. Gone are the days when users or owners had to indulge in taxing and time consuming manual cleaning of pool. Today, with different types of pool filters around, pool maintenance has become a breeze. In fact, pool filters play a significant role in keeping your pool water free from all sorts of dirt and contaminants, resulting in clean and clear crystal water.

Comprehending the Importance of Pool Filters for Making an Informed Choice

Though, every pool filter has filtering element made up of different elements for trapping dirt and impurities.In any case, you would require buying a specific model that would offer performance as per the type and size of the pool you have.

So, before you go ahead in making your final purchase, it is essential for you to get a basic understanding of different type of pool filters available. Have a glimpse at three main types of pool filters and their basic features.

Cartridge filters have filtering element made up of polyester or corrugated paper that filter out all sorts of dirt and impurities from pool water making the water clean and hygienic for the purpose of swimming. These filters have large surface area as compared to sand filters and so they clog less often and therefore doesn’t require to be touched much frequently. These filters are indeed low maintenance and economical too.

D.E. pool filters on the other hand provide high level of cleaning as they filter out particles as small as 5 microns as compared to other filters as they use micro crystals that collect dirt and sediment that are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye.

Sand filters are the most economical of all filters but is less effective in terms of pool filtration as compared to other filters. Moreover, the hassle of backwashing makes their upkeep all the more difficult.

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