The pool filtration system holds importance when it comes to swimming pools. It keeps the pool water clean, clear, and safe for the users. Most of the pool owners use cartridge filters. The ease of using and maintaining these filters is the main reason for their popularity among pool owners.

To maintain the swimming pool in the best possible manner, it is always better to opt for high-quality products. Cantar pool products are one such option. Despite the implementation of best measures for maintenance and repair, some problems can affect your pool filter. Let us have a look at the common troubles one might face with pool filters.


Too Much Back Washing or Cleaning Required for the Filter

Filter cycle is the regular time interval in which you need to clean your pool filter. With prolonged usage, the filter cycles get shorter. As a result, the filter will need cleaning or back washing more often. This mostly happens when the filter cartridges get clogged with dirt. This trouble can be avoided by using quality pool filter products.

Damaged Pool Filter Cartridges

The efficiency of a pool filter relies on its cartridges. Filter cartridges need to have a sturdy design so that they can last for a long time. Cracks or tears in the filter cartridges can adversely affect the functionality of the pool filter. Consequently, the pool water does not stay as clean and clear as expected. Sometimes, algae may get accumulated on the filter cartridges, thus hampering their quality. Pool owners who are willing to buy pool filter cartridges in USA, should ensure that the cartridges are not damaged, before finalizing the purchase.

Irregular Levels of Pressure

Pressure is an important parameter in the swimming pool filtration system. For the pool filter to function properly, the pressure value needs to be maintained at the optimal level. A pressure higher than that level implies that there is a blockage in the front side of the filter. On the other hand, if the pressure is higher than the threshold value, there is a hindrance to the water flow at the back side of the filter.

Leaks in the Pool Filter

Leakage is one of the most common problems with a pool filter. It usually occurs on the belly band of the filter. You can avoid this by regular cleaning and lubricating the O-rings in the belly band.