Cleaning the spa filter is a job that not everyone enjoys, but no matter you like it or dislike it, it is one of the important tasks that need to be performed if you are an owner of a spa. Some people think that by installing high quality cartridges like Viking Spas cartridges, you can let go off this task. However, the truth is that whether the cartridges installed are expensive or cheap, they need to be cleaned from time to time. Also, when required, they should be replaced immediately. One thing that must be kept in mind while replacing the filter is that the replacement filter should preferably be of the same brand as that of the original one. For example, if you own Viking Spas filter, you must opt for Viking Spas replacement filters. Some people face certain trouble while cleaning the filters. Let us have a look at the common problems that people face:

cleaning for spa filter

Problem 1: Filter moves slowly
If the filter is moving at a slow speed, there is a possibility that the pump basket needs to be cleaned. If the pump basket is not clean, the filter will not function in an efficient manner. Debris screens that are found on the wall attachment of the pressure cleaner should be checked regularly and must be cleaned when dirty. Also ensure that the tracks, wheel bearings and tires are tightly fit. Since the pressure cleaners need maximum pressure, there should not be any leakage of water pressure – check the feed hose for the same.

Problem 2: Cleaner is stuck and does not move
The suction cleaner traps all the impurities present in water of the spa and impurities like debris, small pieces of tree barks, hair strands, stones, soap pieces etc. get clogged inside the pressure cleaner. This can be a major reason for the blockage of the pressure cleaner. Also, if the pressure cleaner is belt driver, check if the belts are in good shape and not worn out or broken. Always ensure that both the pump and the filter are cleaned on a regular basis.

Problem 3: Dirty water even after backwashing
Ideally, the water of your spa pool should be crystal clear once the filters are backwashed, but if you still find the spa water dirty, it means that more backwashing is required. Also, make sure that the lint and hair strainer is cleaned prior to backwashing. If problem persists, you can soak the filter cartridges in a cleaning solution and rinse off with normal water the next day.