Common Mistakes Which Pool Owners Commit

The whole process of pool maintenance is often found to be confusing and perplexing and sadly, most of the pool owners often do it in a wrong way and to make matters worse, most of us even fail to realize the mistakes. Pool maintenance needs to be a regular activity and shouldn’t be delayed, to begin with and listed below are few common mistakes that pool owners commit.

If you Can Relate to These Points Then It is Time to Start Maintaining your Pool Properly and Correctly

  • Filter installation- Now there are few people who cleverly try to avoid filter installation by using excess of chemicals or cleaning their pool regularly using leaf-rake and other equipment. But that is not at all advisable, as the excess of chlorine and other chemicals can have disastrous effects on your vital organs such as skin and eyes. Moreover, every time a swimmer gets out of the pool, he or she leaves behind a number of microbes and each day a pool is contaminated by dust particles and for these impurities it is necessary to use  pool filters. In case, filter maintenance perplexes you then you can go for pool filters cartridge which are easy to install and easier to maintain.


  • Replacement of filters- All pool filters have a limited life span and for proper cleansing, it is advisable to go for filter replacement. If you are using cartridge filters then it is necessary to go for pool filter cartridge replacement after every year. Filters also need to be cleaned regularly as after certain usage, dust particles, chemicals, and algae gets accumulated on their surface. A cartridge filter should be ideally backwashed after every two weeks.


  • Choosing an appropriate filter- The need for a thorough research before choosing a filter has already been stressed upon, but the filter also needs to be chosen according to the capacity of the pool. The volume, as well as size of the pool, should be kept in mind and even the variant of the pool filter should be carefully analyzed, you can go for System 2 cartridges for optimum hygiene but always glance through a variety of options. Few guides for choosing an appropriate filter