Coleman Spas - Providing Self-rejuvenation

A spa is always known as one of the best sources of rejuvenation but spa maintenance, on the other hand, has always been a major concern for people. Spa owners are often perplexed by the technical considerations such as alkalinity, pH, hardness etc. which make spa maintenance seem like a herculean task. On the contrary, the process of renewing your spa involves few basic steps, namely:

Balancing the Quality of Water

This is the primary step that involves balancing the pH level of the water. Water supplied to our homes might not be suitable for spa. If it is too acidic, it may corrode your spa and may even harm your skin. At the same time, if it is too alkaline, it can hinder some of your vital bodily functions. Alkalinity and acidity of the water can be adjusted by using Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Carbonate. The pH level should be checked at regular intervals to ensure the longevity of the spa.  The other thing that you should also maintain the chemical balance of your hot tub water

Cleaning of Spa Filter and Spa Water Sanitization

Spa filters are primarily responsible for filtration, and these filters need to cleaned regularly to ensure complete water sanitation. A spa filter cartridge needs to be backwashed fortnightly – it should be soaked in cleaning solution and scrubbed gently with a brush after every three months.

Spa water should also be sanitized with chemicals such as chlorine and bromine to get rid of bacteria and algae.

Replacement of Coleman Spa Filter Cartridges

Water filtration is necessary as well as mandatory in every spa, and to ensure constant water filtration - timely replacement of cartridge and other spa replacement parts such as jets, pumps, and plumbing components is important.

Coleman Spas offer a variety of replacement parts ranging from filters to ozonators and also provides accessories for entertainment such as speakers and power supplies. You can easily get Coleman spa filters cartridges from Pool Filters.

Regular maintenance will not only ensure a longer life span of the spa, but will also enhance the experience of using it.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 4339 is a 4 15/16 inches wide and 11 ¼ inches long cartridge which has the technical specifications of Filbur # FC-2915, Pleatco # PWW40 and OEM # 100585. It can handle a top-load of up to 40 square feet, and has 2 1/8 inches open holes at the top and bottom respectively. The product is easy to install and is made up of quality materials.