Coleman Filters can Keep Spas Safe from Microbes

Coleman pool and spa filters are plastic coated filters with a filtering medium that is spun-bounded polyester pleats having thermally bonded poly urethane caps. The filters also feature antimicrobial technology that prevents microbes such as bacteria, mold, fungi, mildew from germinating and reproducing in spa water. Even algae bloom and ammonia accumulated can be averted.

The coleman spa filters are compatible with hot spring spas, hot tubs and all other kind of Spas. The water released as jets remain clean and vivid. The filter keeps coagulating dirt and impurities that remain suspended in water. Cleaning of filters becomes mandatory when the filter pressure rises to 8 psi from the point when it is initially installed. To clean the filter, remove it from the filter storage area of spas. Then use a garden hose to spay water and dislodge impurities from its pleats. In order to remove sticking organic matter and oil, soak the filter in solutions of muriatic acids and chlorine. A commercial solution of filter cleaner can also work well. The cartridge may be required to soak in overnight. This releases all extraneous matter from its surface. Clean the cartridge with water and dry in bright sunlight before reinstalling it in the filter storage cavity of the spa.

On using Coleman filters, spas can be kept clean and sound. Regular cleaning increases the longevity of the spa filter cartridges and people then can keep using them in seasons without getting them replaced. Their popularity is growing rapidly among pool users of today.