Cleaning your pool and maintaining it in prime condition is very important! Do it regularly

One of the main problems that any type of swimming pool - backyard pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi, big gym pool etc., faces, is the algae problem! In fact, algae is attracted to any water body which is not cleaned properly. Algae is a type of fungus that grows in water and rapidly covers it. The color is green and it looks very dirty! As soon as you can see green formations around your pool, this means it is not a well kept, clean, hygienic or sanitized swimming pool! This also means there is a chemical imbalance in the water.

Most good filtration systems and cartridges can take care of algae formation and stop their growth if the owners use and operate it regularly. But here are some basic steps for clearing out algae and other debris: >>How about picking up a basic net and clearing the pool off the surface debris at least >>Check your chlorine and pH levels. If the chlorine level is below 1ppm, the chances of algae are more >>Well, for properly cleaning out the algae and making sure it does not come back easily, usually very strong chlorine (shock treatment). Let the chlorine ratio be at least - 1 lbs: 10,000 gallons of water >>During this whole time, make sure the your filter is running and also make sure to clean it every few hours >>Algae is attracted to the sides of the pool, bottom floor of the pool etc. Make sure you clean all the walls, floor etc. and vacuum it thoroughly so as to make sure it is hygienic and sanitized enough for usage >>Repeat the process till it is clean, clear and hygienicIn fact, if you want to browse through hundreds of great, trusted brands for filtration systems or have any queries, visit Poolfilters at Pool Filters for more details.