With innovation in technology, filter cartridges are built in a way that they trap debris that is small to the extent of 5 to 10 microns. The cartridge surface initially captures large particles and as the pores get clogged with large particles the finer particles are also trapped in the filter. This continues for a long time and so it is not required cleaning them often. However, it is always good to clean regularly as then it increases the life of your filter. There are many types of pool filters that are being introduced. But they basically belong to three categories – Sand, cartridge and Diatomaceous earth filters. The cartridge type is made of porous materials like polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. These papery materials can easily trap dirt particles. Thus cleaning becomes easy as you just have to remove the cartridge from the filter and clean it separately.

Such pool filter cartridges are launched by many good brands such as Caldera spas, Jandy and Hayward. Such brands have set their own standards when it comes to dependability, durability and performance. Moreover, their pool products require minimal care and last for years. Installing them also becomes possible in all types of pools. Filters of these brands are affordable and anyone can easily invest to buy their products. Using a cartridge filter brings relief from backwashing and recharging as is the case in Sand and DE filters. You can simply clean the cartridge and reinstall it in the filter for the cleaning process to continue.