Do you want to know how to clean pool filter cartridge? Read and find out

Owning a nice swimming pool in your backyard is definitely relaxing but that also means a lot of work and responsibility.

Along with regular cleaning of the pool, you also need to clean and clear the filter pump cartridge. Either clean it or get pool filters. It takes time and patience to clean a pool filter cartridges properly but it needs to be done.

Here are a few simple steps in which you can make the process:

  • Once you know that it is time to clean out the dirty filter, turn off the water supply and the electricity
  • Take a regular hose or just some water from a bucket and clear the debris out completely. Please do this process thoroughly because this is important
  • Make sure you are spraying the water correctly 9towards the outside) so as not to push the debris inside and make it even dirtier
  • Once you assure yourself that the pool filter replacement cartridges is totally clean and clear from all external debris and dirt, keep it in the sunshine to let it dry. The rays from the sun are supposed to be natural algaecide
  • Once the filter is totally dry, just take a stick or a brush and scrape off or dust off the external remaining dirt and dust. Also, take out and throw away the loose fabric of the filter
  • Now is the process where in you will chemically clean the filter because till now you have just washed it in plain water. Take a separate vessel and some water and chlorine (read the instructions in the owner`s manual for proportions and ratio). Just put the filter in this liquid and cover the vessel. The liquid will chemically rinse away off the bacteria and other organisms. Soak it at least overnight.
  • Next step is to rinse it off completely with water and let it dry out
  • Once again, soak the filter in a muriatic acid water solution (read the instructions in the manual), rinse it with normal water and let it dry
  • Your swimming pool filter cartridges is all set to be used again!