When and why should you clean or replace your swimming pool filter cartridges?

A splendid swimming pool in the backyard adds to the beauty of your villa. However, when the same pool collects dirt, it turns out be a blot on the beauty. Thus, it is recommended to clean your pool filter cartridges after a certain interval of time. Now, that ‘certain interval of time’ varies from filter to filter or say cartridge to cartridge.

replacement filter cartridge

Dirt on the cartridge results in workload on the pump and thus, less amount of water is filtered. All that you need to do is keep a check on the cartridge and as soon as you find that the filter cartridge is accumulating debris, clean it carefully. There are two simple ways to work on the filter cartridges; either clean them or replace them.

If you go with the first option, then make sure to clean the cartridge with low pressure. If you put high pressure on them, then there are chances that the dirt might get deep into the cartridge; thus, all your efforts would flush. After cleaning the cartridge, check the system pressure. If the system pressure is low, then your cleaning process has ended with success and if its not, then its time to replace the cartridge.

There are various affordable and reliable replacement filter cartridges in the market. If you think that the idea of replacing the pool filter cartridge might burn a hole in your pocket, then you surely need to revisit the market to change your mind. Replacement is one of the inexpensive and easy to go with option. You can visit poolfilters.biz and can check out various pool products including highly effective replacement filter cartridges. In addition to this, you can get expert advice on various pool take care issues, if you need.

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