Clean Your Paper Pool Cartridge

What is paper pool cleaning? Read and find out more.

Whether you have a Jacuzzi pool filter cartridge in your home, hot tub in your backyard or a nice big personal swimming, you have to clean it regularly and make sure the hygiene and sanitation conditions are definitely met. Who likes to take a dip in a dirty water pool? Thus, having a pool is definitely a luxury but maintaining it and cleaning it on a regular basis is also the owner’s responsibility.

The main thing to be cleaned and cleared in the pump or the pool filter. Whether you are using a replacement cartridge or using a nice pool filter pump, the essence is to backwash it, clean it and clear it of all debris stuck in between the filters - or else efficiency levels will go down drastically. Always read the reading on your pump - if it is above 7-8 PSI, well, it is time to clean your filter and pump!

Paper pool filters are the new age and yet cheap filters that use the basics of trapping dirt, oil and any kind of debris/leaves that gets stuck. Many a times, owners use the regular, prescribed dirt cleaners, which is great because of regular usage and removal of dirt, the regular cleaners work fine. But if you have to remove algae or other bacteria and build up, you might be using a harsher cleaner.

Whether you are cleaning the pool or the pump with acidic cleaners or basic cleaners, always remember to use and wear gloves - you never know the chemical concentration in the liquids. Also remember, after you are done with the cleaning job and are about to dispose off the cleaner, neutralize it with a solution so that it is not harmful for the environment.

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