Here is a list of steps for paper pool filter cleaning. Read on

cheap filter cartridgesDebris, dust, dirt, leave as etc. gets accumulated on top of the water, on the swimming pool floor and on the walls of your favorite hot tub! Well, come someone needs to clean it and the owner, thus needs to have a proper filter and filtration system to clean out his/her swimming pool properly.

The pump, the pool filter replacement cartridge, the good filter, does the work of cleaning the debris - this also means that debris gets stuck in between the filters and may bring down the efficiency of the cleaning process over a period of time. Does your pump have a reading of 7 PSI and above? If yes, well, it is time to backwash the filter and clean the cartridges!

  • If today is the day you are planning to clean the pump and the entire filtration system, first and foremost instruction is to turn off the power so that loss of electricity does not happen and of course, there is no potential hazard to human life!

  • Next, just remove your filter from the pump - you may have to read your the step by step instructions from the user`s manual that the filter company must have provided

  • Well, so now you have the filter with you. Just get some water or operate from your garden hose and rinse off this paper filter completely. Make sure you clean the inside and outside properly. There are lots of hedges and pleats in between - clear them out too

  • Next, there should be a cleaner available to you. Just spray a little on this filter and clean it out. If you can spray cleaner and allow it to soak for at least couple of hours, that is the best way!

  • After a few hours, use that hose or a bucket again and rinse off the cleaner

There are times when there is algae build up and thus, you may have to follow some other harsh steps. Consult the experts for more details at Pool Filters.