It is widely known that pool filters are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned but what is comparatively unknown is that these pool filters can be cleaned using multiple techniques. Mostly pool owners confine themselves to the process of backwashing; fortnightly backwashing is necessary but besides backwashing one can also try other ways of cleaning their cartridges.

Even the best of pool filters cartridges need cleaning and backwashing only gets rid of dirt from the surface. For a deeper cleaning you should go for a little known technique called soaking and scrubbing. The following steps need to be followed for the same-

clean filter cartridge

  • Since swimming pool filter cartridges are pleated, through backwashing you may not be able to get rid of minute particles of impurities stuck between the pleats.
  • For soaking and scrubbing, begin with soaking the cartridge in a non-foaming solution. It should be noted that home-based detergents can’t used for the same; these detergents may harm the cartridge or may even create problems of foaming in the pool.
  • Once the cartridge has been thoroughly soaked, scrub it gently using a brush and remember to scrub it in between the pleats.

Besides, soaking and scrubbing there is another efficient way of cleaning cartridge based pool filters. It is called acid-washing and involves cleaning the cartridge through a solution of one part of muriatic acid and twenty parts of water.

The measurements should be kept exact and kindly use safety gloves and other safety equipment. Degreasing the cartridge is necessary before this step and involves simply immersing the cartridge in the solution. Following the steps below, one can ascertain if there is a need of acid-washing or not-

  • Clean the cartridge thoroughly with a degreaser.
  • Spray away all the traces of soap.
  • Apply small amounts of muriatic acid to pleats and check if the bubbling occurs.
  • If bubbling occurs then it means there’s calcium build-up and an acid-wash is required.

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