All of us pine for a refreshing dip in a swimming pool after a tiring day but having a swimming pool comes with its own set of challenges. Usually, pool owners fail to maintain their pool and that mainly happens because of improper filter maintenance and improper water hygiene.

These are the few basic steps which you should follow immediately for enhancing your pool experience-

Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

  • Bring the pH Scale to Normal -
    All the expensive and swanky products which you have got fitted in your pool will corrode over time if the water has acidic content; and if the water is high in alkaline content then it can harm and hinder with our vital bodily functions such as digestion. To avoid this unneeded trouble, it is mandatory to balance the pH scale of the water and that can be done using chemicals like sodium carbonate.
  • Beware of Algae -
    Blooming algae can be the reason for a sudden increase in your filter pressure. Algae can cover an entire pool overnight as they grow rapidly and they can definitely ruin the look of your exquisite pool tiles. Here is how to keep your swimming pool free from algae that chlorine tablets are an effective way to battle algae and one can even go for algaecides.
  • Always Cover Your Pool -
    Dust and debris are by far the most common contaminants found in a pool and the most effective way to protect your pool from these impurities is a pool cover. But one should know that it is necessary to maintain these covers as well, and ideally they should be cleaned with a good-quality vinyl protector.
  • Effective Filtration -
    A filter is mandatory for any pool and an appropriate filter should be chosen according to the size of the pool. Cartridge filters are popular among pool owners as they are easy to install and maintain, and provide effective cleansing. Nowadays one can even buy cheap pool filter cartridges online. These cartridges are easy to clean and should be rinsed with a garden hose after every 2 weeks.

Lots of different brands offer filters for those using high-end hot tubs such as Bullfrog Spas. It should also be known that every cartridge filter has a life span and should ideally be replaced after a year. One should consider filter replacement in case the pleats appear to be broken.

The main job of swimming pool filter cartridges is to constantly clean the pool; as soon as a swimmer enters a pool, the water is immediately contaminated by microbes, and the level of oil buildup along with lotion build up constantly rises with the number of swimmers.

Hence, even a spa requires an efficient filtration system and Bullfrog Spa filters meet this need. These stores also specialize in algaecides and other pool equipment such as heaters and ozonators. Now, one can shop for any sort of accessory for their pool or spa with the convenience of a click.