Choosing a filter cartridge for your hot tub may sometimes be tricky due of the availability of multiple brands available in the market and each offering different features in their respective products. Here are some tips to help you choose the best filter for your hot tub.


Analyze Your Hot Tub First: The design of pool filter cartridge is almost similar to that of a hot tub filter cartridge. However, the hot tub experiences continuous hot temperatures and a water flow with powerful propulsion, due to which its filtration requirements are much different from that of a swimming pool. The hot tub also gets contaminated with impurities like lotions, body oils of people using the spa, and chemicals. The cartridge for a hot tub should be able to filter the contaminants present in the water of the spa without altering the water temperature. Aquiform Infinity Spas filter cartridges are a fine replacement for your old cartridges.

Filter Media Are Important: The filter cartridge for hot tub needs to have efficient filter media to trap the impurities present in the water. Furthermore, it should facilitate better water flow and work efficiently for a long time. Cartridges from Aquiform Infinity Spas have been designed to serve this purpose. These cartridges have high-quality filter media which effectively trap dirt, lotions and oils. Moreover, these can easily handle high bather loads and hot temperatures. The excellent design of the filter media allows the cartridges to trap a large volume of dirt when in use.

Give Preference to the Design: The design of a filter cartridge should be such that it ensures both efficiency and durability. Wear and tear in the cartridge can hamper the filtration process. The spa replacement parts you choose should have a sturdy design and must ensure a long-lasting functionality.

Go for Advanced Features: For your hot tub filtration system to work properly, you need to buy quality spa filter cartridges that are both, efficient and durable. It is better to choose a cartridge with advanced features. Some of the new cartridges have strong caps which prevent the clogging of dirt and keep the filter in place.