Choosing a high-performance and the right kind of filter cartridge for your pool is the most important step towards a cleaner, healthier pool.

Best Filter For Your Pool

Filters are essentially the most indispensable accessories of any swimming pool or spa. There are many types of pool filters that are available and all of them are different in terms of their performance and efficiency but the basic function of all the pool filters is the same – to clean the water of the swimming pool or spa to make it clean, healthy and hygienic. The most widely used type of pool filter is the cartridge filter which features a removable cartridge that can be cleaned and reused again till it is efficient. Cartridge filters are moderately priced, easy to install and are highly effective for pool of any type, size ore scale. They can be used both in private and in commercial pools. The filter cartridges are capable of cleaning grime and debris of size as small as 10 microns. They can clean away all the sand, dust and worms that contaminate the water. Most swimmers also tend to apply oils and lotions before entering the pool and this pollutes the water a lot. Hair also pollutes the water because it causes clogging in the cartridge and is not easy to clean either. Therefore it is necessary to regularly cleanse the filter cartridge properly.

Pool filter cartridges are fairly easy to clean. They can be cleaned very properly by a simple backwashing by a normal garden hosepipe. This cleans out most of the regular impurities like sand, dust, worms and dry leaves that are trapped in the filter cartridge. In case there are stubborn impurities like oils, lotions and hair, then they can be cleaned by a thorough cleansing from time to time. Cleansing becomes especially necessary for swimming pools that experience a lot of swimmers and thus the quantity of such pollutants is more. For chemical deposits and impurities, chemical cleaners are also freely available in the market and should be used to keep the cartridges safe from long-term chemical contamination. A good example of this is Muriatic Acid, which can be used to clean any Calcium deposits that have contaminated the filter cartridge. Simply installing a cartridge filter is not enough. It is also important to clean it thoroughly and maintain it regularly.

While installing a cartridge filter in your swimming pool, it is important to choose one that suits the requirements of swimming pool the best. If you wish to choose versatile and high-performance cartridges, then Unicel filter cartridges would suit your need perfectly. Unicel pool filter cartridges carry a technical specification of Filbur# FC-1002, Unicel # FG-1002, and OEM # WC108-2A. They are fairly high-performance filter cartridges. This state of the art American, Hayward, Pac-Fab, Sta-Rite, Astral filter is of exceptional quality. It is 12" long, 11" wide and cleans the water of your swimming pool or spa very efficiently. Unicel pool filters are an ideal solution for anyone looking to have a versatile and high-performance cartridge filter installed in their swimming pool.