If you own a pool, you must be aware of the common products that can help you purify the water of your pool. Pleatco Pool Filter products are high quality, advanced models engineered to deliver perfectly clean and clear water to pools and spas. Various products by Pleatco - like Pleatco PTL47W P and Pleatco PA100 4 are available for the pool owners. A knowledge of the above mentioned specifications work as a checklist to ensure that the products that you are planning to buy are of best quality and meet your requirements. To keep you updated, this post acquaints you with selected Pleatco products that you might need in the future.


Pleatco Pool Filter Products:-

Pleatco PTL47W P Replacement Filter Cartridge- These cartridges are made from 100 per cent polyester spunbonded Reemay fabric. It is extremely effective in providing protection from worms, dust, etc. Its technical specifications include Filbur FC-0315, Pleatco PTL47W-P and OEM 03FIL1500. The top of the filter has comes with a semi-circular handle. The filter is 6” wide and 9 1/8" long.

Pleatco PA131 4: Another replacement cartridge with specifications of Pleatco PA131, Filbur FC-1227 and OEM CX1280XRE, helps in keeping the pool and spa waters clear. It is considered to be the best product for pools like Swim Clear C5025 and Super-Star-Clear C5000. The filter is capable of handling a top load of 131 sq ft. Its length is 32 13/16” and its width is 7”. The top and the bottom of the filter has a 3” hole.

Pleatco PA50 4: This replacement filter cartridge comes with technical specifications of Filbur FC-0620, Pleatco PA50-4, Unicel C-7650 and OEM R173409, 27-079. With the ability to handle a top load of 50 sq.ft., it is one of the best products for pools and spas, currently available. The length of the product is 19 5/8" and the width is 7".

Pleatco PA100-4: This replacement filter cartridge is an improved replacement for Unicel C-8610 among others. It is a two side open cartridge used to clean water for top quality pools and spas.

Whether you are a pool-cleaning professional or a pool/spa owner, these specifications will help you choose the best product for your requirement. Pleatco Pool Filter products are top choice for most experts and also the first preference of non-commercial pool owners. The filter can handle a top load of 100 sq.ft. and has 4 1/16” open holes on the top and bottom. The length of the filter is 23 5/16” and the width is 8 ½”.