Nothing can beat the mesmerizing effect of a refreshing dip in the pool after a tiresome day but most buyers are intimidated by the process of pool maintenance and fail to realize it is nothing more than a cakewalk if proper steps are followed.
To begin pool maintenance firstly it is important to ensure proper sanitization. One should always fix the pH scale of water using chemicals such as Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Carbonate. Water with high acidic or alkaline content can be harmful to bodily functions and vital body organs such as eyes and skin. An adequate and neutral pH level of water should be 7 and once that has been achieved one should cleanse the water using chemicals like chlorine or biguanide and should also use effective algaecides which are easily available in the market. These algaecides offer efficient and effective protection for algae for up to three months.

Pool Filters

According to the size of the pool an appropriate pool filter should be installed. Mainly there are three types of pool filters available in market, Diatomaceous Earth filters or D.E. filters, sand filters and cartridge filters. D.E. filters are equipped with filter grids and a fine mesh that is lined with exoskeletons of diatoms. All the impurities tend to stick to the adhesive mesh and provide effective cleaning. Sand Filters are the oldest types of filters and the water is cleaned by passing through the fine particles of sand and gravel. These filters may let minuscule pieces of impurities pass through them. Cartridge filters are the most widely used type of filters and are known for their easy maintenance and installation.

Maintenance of pool filters

Maintenance of pool filters should be ensured for optimum hygiene. Cartridge filters can be cleaned by rinsing them with a garden hose after every 15 days and these filters should also be soaked in non-foaming cleansing solution and should be scrubbed lightly with a brush after every 3 months. In case one opts for D.E. filters then the filter grid should also be replaced after regular intervals. One can buy pool filter products and pool filters from various stores which also offer online services.  Here few tips on how to shop pool filters online?
There are many brands which offer these pool filters and products, and buyers can also consider the preferable brand, Hydropool industries.

Recommended Product-

Unicel Scumball 2pk has a unique patented molecular structure which absorbs the oils in your pool, spa or hot tub. These oils often clog the filtration system and hence scumball increases the life of your filter and gives you relief from cleaning the filter regularly.