Swimming pool water provides a great respite from the searing heat on a summer day. Having a pool or a spa at your home is also a luxury that many people cannot afford to possess. It is always great to splash in the cool pool water but an equally painful task is its sanitation. Rendering the pool or spa water fit for swimmers entail installing the best filtering products that can keep germs, sand, dust and all harmful chemicals out of the pool water.

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Trying to find the finest quality filtering system for your swimming pool or spa can be quite difficult and frustrating. A wide variety of products are available, but knowing the kind of filtering product that would best suit to remove debris and contaminants from your pool water will make your search for the finest filtering product as easy as possible.

Among the three basic types of filtering - sand, filter cartridges and DE, if you choose to go for the filter cartridges for purifying the pool water and maintaining the hygiene levels then make sure you are aware of all its benefits. A standard filter replacement cartridge will often work like water filters used under your sink. Cartridge filters are designed to operate at lower pressure than sand filters and cleaning them too does not entail much hassle. Being able to run at lower pressure makes the cartridge filters equipped to put lesser pressure on the pump. Hence, the pool water fitted with a good quality filtering replacement cartridge product helps you get more flow and turnover for an equivalent pump size.

Check out the American classic spa filters that has earned a big name for itself in the spa pool water purification segment. This replacement filter cartridge comes with a technical specification of Filbur#FC-0151, Pleatco # PTL50P, Unicel # 4CH-50, and OEM # 1561-05, 6540-486.

Getting this product for purifying your spa is the right choice as it is a high performance filter cartridge that is made with the finest quality product set as per industry standards. The filter has a moulded cone handle at the top and 1-1/2" MPT at the bottom. It measures about 14 3/4" in length and 4 5/8" in width. This superior quality-made filtering product is undoubtedly the best solution for your questions pertaining to spa water purification needs. You can be assured of quality cleanliness and hygienic spa water with the use of high-performance, quality American Classic Spa filters.