One essential thing about swimming pool maintenance is making sure that the chemical balance of the pond is taken care of. Pools need regular checking with testing kits for this sake. The things that need to be checked are free chlorine level (between 2.4 ppm), pH (7.2 - 7.8 ppm), alkalinity for liquids (80 – 100 ppm), alkalinity for solids (100 -120 ppm), calcium hardness (200 – 400 ppm) and cyanuric acid (30-50 ppm). It is found that these chemical balances get disturbed whenever the pool water is littered.

The water balance can be maintained by not allowing pollution of pool water to take place. The pollution level is controlled and kept normal by the introduction of cartridge filters in pools. These pool equipments are an excellent getaway so as to disallow the contamination of water by microbes, minerals and other impurities. The basic fundamental in pool technology, nowadays, is installation of such amazing cartridge filters.

It has been resolved that the cartridges are efficient medium for sorting out dirt and impurities that remain suspended in water. Their filament pleats have tiny pores that can coagulate impurities and stop changes in pool water balance. The filtering medium is found capable of trapping even 5 micron sized impure particles. As unwanted particles are restricted from getting released in the water, the chemical balance of pools is established. Henceforth, the pond water balance is kept normal and that ensures pool clarity and water safety levels. There are no chances of pond water getting disrupted after having installed cartridge filters.