Do you own a Bullfrog Spa and wish to experience a pleasant sensation each time you take a dip in your spa? There are times when this pleasure turns into irritation all because of a foul smell that arises from your tub. However, this foul smell can arise in a hut tub of any brand and is so unbearable that you wish to get rid of it instantly. What best you can do is to take certain measures to avoid the occurrence of such foul smells. But before taking measures, it is important to know what are the causes of foul smell that arise in spa and hot tub.

It is very important for a spa owner to know the correct usage of sanitizers. Also, it is advised that the spa should be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Other factors that can be a reason for causing foul smell in a hot tub can be the environmental issues or the by-products that an output of the chemicals used in the water. One of the by-products is chloramines, which is an end result of the combination of chlorine and bromine. Chloramines can also be formed due to the the sputum, sweat and saliva that gets mixed with water. This causes a weird odor in the water. This bad smell can be prevented if a spa owner takes utmost care of the spa and cleans it at regular intervals. Some people make the mistake of using sanitizers. These sanitizers definitely provide a short term relief, but later on, the smell becomes even worse. It is wise to use only spa formulated sanitizers.

Pool owners should always keep the spa filters clean as excessive collection of dirt in the cartridge of pool filters can also be a cause of foul smell. This task becomes easy if you choose the best pool filter cartridge for your spa and pool. Dynasty spa parts, Caldera spa filters and Saratoga spa filters are among those products that can be cleaned with ease and are also easy to maintain.

Another reason of foul smell can be shocking the water with the use of non-chlorine oxidizer. This enables the chemical bonds to break and results in clearing out the organic matter. Many people make the mistake of covering the hot tub immediately after shocking the water. You should always remove the cover of the tub for about 2 hours. This helps in reducing the foul smell.

Follow these simple steps and keep your hot tub fresh and clean in any season!