Cartridge Pool Filters

Owing a backyard swimming pool is certainly a matter of pride for pool owners. A sparkling clean and sanitized pool water is inviting and offers great fun and relaxation to swimmers. However, with swimming bodies getting in and out entire day, your pool water is susceptible to get contaminated with all sorts of contaminants such as body oil, sun tan lotion, dirt, grime and more. As a pool owner, your primary concern is to ensure proper hygiene and sanitization of pool water, which is possible by installing cartridge pool filters that act as the first line of defence against all sorts of contaminants.

Cartridge pool filters have become the preferred choice of pool owners due to several advanced features that give them an edge over their traditional counterparts i.e. sand and D.E filters. Made up of superior quality materials such as Reemay spunbonded polyester, the cartridge filtering element are made up of numerous pleat folds that can efficiently filter contaminants of all sizes including larger debris to minuscule of particles, releasing crystal clear water that is completely fit for use.

Cartridge filters besides offering ultimate level of performance, offer low-cost of maintenance and are highly affordable as well. These filters are known to have overcome the drawbacks of traditional filters such as the hassle involved in backwashing and refilling of D.E matter. Moreover, these filters are extremely easy to operate and has simple installation process.

These pool filters have larger surface area than sand filters letting for fewer clogs and simpler maintenance. They run at lower pressure than sand thus exerting less back-pressure on the pump allowing for better flow and turnover. Cartridge filters should be cleaned up on a regular basis by simply hosing the cartridge element off with a garden hose or soaking the cartridge element in a cleansing solution overnight in order to get rid of obstinate dirt such as oil, grime etc. that cannot be removed by simply rinsing with water.

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