Swimming pool usage among people has increased manifold in recent years. The onus of this growth goes to the use of cartridge filters on a large scale. The filters have a dodgy design that makes fitting this pool equipment in swimming ponds much simpler. The equipment is manufactured very intelligently and so the users find it easy to get rid of dirt and impurities that remain suspended in swimming pools.

Such pool filter parts of brands like Doughboy, Jacuzzi and Intex are being widely used by people who have a swimming pool at home. The filter has the potential to filter out all extraneous matter that happen to mingle with the water used in pools. The effort to build an ideal pool is thus lessened tremendously while simultaneously facilitating the making of a swimming pool whose water is clean and pure. Thus, the pond becomes an ideal ground for people to dip themselves in for hours. Such a pool is extremely safe and keeps swimmers healthy.

The cartridge filament used in the filter is capable of trapping dirt particles that are very small sized say even 5 microns. The cartridge gets clogged with the impurities and this needs regular cleaning. The cleaning is effected with muriatic acids and by washing with water. The filters are kept immersed in solution of muriatic acid for hours. Then it is cleaned by spraying with jets of water. Then after drying for sometime it is refitted in ponds for continuing with the filtration process.