Swimming pool filters have become inevitable aspects of your pool filtration process. Modern pool filters are designed and developed in conformation with manufacturing standards. Latest launch in the category of pool filters is cartridge pool filters which are technologically more advanced than traditional filters and have optimized pool filtration.

Pool filters usually look for low or maintenance free operation. In traditional filters like sand or D.E, there is a hassle of backwashing where enormous amount of water is wasted. Moreover, they are bulky and not easily portable. Overcoming the drawbacks of conventional filters, cartridge pool filters have emerged as the most preferred choice of pool owners.

Some of the leading brands like Doughboy, Jandy, and Unicel have made a major contribution in manufacturing such products as an initiative to pool clean drive. The best thing about this new product is that it is not bulky like the old filters and is easily portable. Moreover, the hassle of backwashing is completely eliminated and they can be readily installed as they are compact in size and are suitable for all kinds of ponds.

Yet another reason for its extensive use is that it doesn’t call for much labor when it requires cleaning and can be washed with much ease. Another reason for the growing popularity and growing inclination of pool users towards these filters is that they are reasonably priced and accessible everywhere.

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