pool productAs a pool owner, your primary concern would be to provide the swimmers with clean, hygienic and enjoyable swimming experience. Consequently, the need to install pool filters for pool maintenance and upkeep becomes inevitable.
Depending upon your preference of ease of maintenance, affordability, level of filtration, you have the option to install any one out of the three main types of pool filters. However, pool filter cartridges have become the preferred choice of pool owners, owing to their advanced technology which have allowed them to overcome the drawbacks of other two filters.
This kind of filter has much larger surface area as compared to sand filters, which allow them to clog less often. Consequently, they require to be touched less often. There is no hassle of filling up filtering matter as in D.E filters, which are not just expensive but also is time-consuming and tiring.
Cartridge filters are manufactured by reputed companies like Hayward, Pentair and others. So, it is advisable to purchase them from leading brands to ensure better performance and longer life. However, to ensure longevity and enhanced performance, it is necessary to ensure regular maintenance which could be done by hosing off the cartridge element with the help of a garden hose. The cartridge filtering element can be soaked overnight in a filter cleaning solution if the cartridge gets contaminated with obstinate dirt like body oil, grime, suntan lotion, algae and more.
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