Recurring losses in pool water quality due to continuous use has made it essential for pool equipment manufacturers to discover new methods of pool water filtration. Research has led to the development of new filtering mediums such as the cartridge filter that has paved the way for making of amazingly clean ponds. This new filtering medium is, nowadays, also used in Spas.

The technology remains the same for both spa and pool cartridge filters. It makes use of a filament made of polyester material. This filament has evenly distributed pores that resist the flow of particles sized even 5 microns. Hence, contaminants present in water deposit on the surface of the filtering medium. These can then be cleaned by washing the cartridge with water and acids. For Spa usage Master Spas and Leisure Bay Spas are good brands. For pool purpose, Waterway and Jandy are considered good options.

Filters of this grade are superior in terms of technology. They ensure that the chemical balance of water used remains in equilibrium. The pH balance is maintained and proper alkalinity levels ensured. Hence, Spa experience with its aroma and other spa therapies exalts. Similarly pool experience becomes more vivid and extra-ordinary. The use of cartridge filter gives healthy water to people using pools or Spa at home. It confirms that the water that is brought to use is crystal clean and there is no opportunity for any dirt elements to get released. The cartridge filter is magnificent in this respect and people are using them extensively.