Sun and shade can be important factors for determining pool site. But just pool site is not all that is necessary for making a vibrant pool. What is more important is making other factors congenial enough for installation of pool equipments. For example, to build a large concrete slab of the size of 3’ X 4’ or 3’ X 7’ where you can fit in pool filters is mandatory. If possible also make sure to make an enclosure over the slab. It will be very nice if the filter can be placed within 20’ so as to maintain good performance of the pond.

While building the concrete for the installation of filters, also make sure not to make the concrete on the basement of the pool. It is always good to build such concrete platforms on the side walls of the swimming pool. This will avoid any sort of malfunctioning of the pump. Consider installing cartridge filters on the concrete platforms. This will ease a lot of things as cleaning of the filters will be simplified once it gets clogged with dirt. Moreover, it will then function in tandem with other pool accessories installed in the swimming pond. Swimming pool products like filters are essential for cleaning out impurities from the water used in pools. So, their safe-keeping becomes important and it is possible only by building in concrete slabs where the filters can be installed. Pools thus become aesthetic with good planning for proper placing of pool equipments.