For maintaining visual clarity as well as safety of pool water, proper filtering system should be installed in your pool. Cartridge pool filters have become the obvious choice of pool owners owing to their simplistic operation and low cost of maintenance while setting a new standard of performance, dependability and value.

We at Pool offer cartridge filters designed with latest technology for the filtration of pool water. Filters offered by us have pleated cartridges through which water is forced and the dirt and impurities are left behind, trapped within the folds.

The pressure gauge on the filter indicates whether or not it is time to clean the filter. When the pressure gauge indicates a reading of 8-10 psi, it is obvious that the cartridge element needs cleaning. When dirt and debris accumulate over a period of time, the pressure mounts up. This results in decreased flow rate.

Cartridge filters offered by us have high filtering ability and are also very dependable as we house products of leading brands like Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and more. Moreover, these filters come with replaceable cartridge filtering element that could be replaced with a new one when the older one gets completely worn out.

Cartridge filters offered by us have no backwash valve on them, so the hassle of backwashing is completely eliminated. Moreover, cartridge cleaning doesn’t require gallons of water as required in backwashing. So, if you are looking for top-end filter performance and that too with the lowest maintenance, then look for cartridge filters.

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