Ponds when used on a continual basis become dirty and then pool users need to manually add chlorine and channel fresh water in the pond. The cloudy water of pools after replacement still requires maintenance as there remains the possibility that they will turn cloudy again. So, a new method for keeping pools safe and clean was intently required. The earlier pool filtration methods there were present did not serve the purpose completely. The filtration need then led to the discovery of a new type of filter known as cartridge pool filters. This filter has raised the standard of cleaning ability in comparison to Sand and DE filters.

Many elite brands have launched such pool products that serve a dignified role in cleaning pools. Brands like Hayward, Astral and Harmsco are very well known for having launched such products. The filters of these brands have proved their excellence in executing filtration process. Their filament, made of polyester material, has very tiny pores, capable of trapping dirt particles that are very minute in size. Even 4 to 5 micron elements get deposited on the cartridge filament. Hence, the filters showcase their ability to withstand the release of impurities in the pool water.

Such filters also suggest easy cleaning methods of clogged cartridges. Just a manual removal of the cartridge and rinsing with water jets releases the sticking impurities from its surface. Rinsing in muriatic acid solutions and chlorine can also prove to be effective. Replacing the cartridge is also possible and that is a very good option to avoid cleaning of dirt ridden filtering mediums. The clogged cartridges can just be replaced with new ones.